What Is The Role Of Ict In Sales And Marketing Of A Business?


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The role of an ICT (Information Communication Technology) worker is generally to deal with any computer or communication issues or tasks. ICT has a similar role to  IT, except ICT involves the communications side to the business as well as, for example, the telephone system.

The role of an ICT worker differs according to each company's needs. If you are responding to a job advertisement then the employer or the agency, depending on who is advertising the job vacancy, should give you a full job description. If this isn't clear then you should get in touch and ask them to send you one or explain in more detail.

The role of an ICT employee within a sales and marketing business is more or less the same as in any organization, the job description may vary slightly but the main aspect of the job will be the same wherever. The size of the business determines how many ICT staff will be needed. Each company needs at least 1 or 2 ICT staff as all companies nowadays have computers and telephone systems and will most definitely need support at some point.

ICT involves all technical means used to handle all information and communications, including computer and network hardware, all communication equipment and computer software. Here are a few typical responsibilities that an ICT operator may come across in their role.

• Backing up data on a regular basis
• Offering support with IT problems and resolving if possible
• Keeping anti-virus data updated
• Overseeing network and server
• Installing new network and printers etc

If it is an ICT job you are applying for, be sure you familiarize yourself with the requirements of the job before applying. Some interviewers can be tough and will ask you many questions, so make sure you have done your homework before you apply.

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