What Are The Responsibilities Of Sales Executive In Marketing?


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The responsibilities of a sales executive in marketing do vary from company to company, depending on the company’s size. The role can also take various forms from telesales to field sales; however there are some set responsibilities that all sales executives should undertake to ensure a successful career in marketing.  A Sales executive in marketing is responsible for developing marketing campaigns that promotes a product or a service or even an idea.  They are also expected to set up periodic sales quotas and performance mile stones for various sales and marketing activities. This method is to ensure that the company’s revenue and growth is progressing and developing.  The role also includes planning, advertising, public relations, organising events, product development, distribution, sponsorship and research.

As a sales executive in marketing, you will be expected to contribute and develop specific integrated marketing campaigns. The following is list of activities that this role will require:

Liaising and networking: This is a very important part of the role, you will be expected to make contacts and liaise with different clients, partners, and suppliers etc on a daily basis to ensure future sales;  the ability to communicate adequately is essential, including developing and managing a good customer relationship, and sourcing advertising opportunities and placing the adverts in the press or on the radio, depending on what is being promoted and the requirements of your company.

A career as a sales executive in marketing can be exciting, no day is the same, however, it is a fiercely competitive market, where often you have set targets to work towards and quota’s to reach. Though the rewards can big, the average pay for a sales executive in London is around £32,000, though this does depend on the company, the area you work and whether your salary is subsidized by target based earning or OTE.
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Responsible for sales and distribution of company product line and or service, including merchandising and product promotion.
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Responsibilities of sales executives can vary from company to company, depending upon the nature of the business. However, the general responsibilities of sales executives are as follows: A sale executive is responsible to make contacts with the potential customers via emails or telephones. A sales executive keeps the track of activities in customer relation management system. As marketing department has to interact with all the other departments of the company, therefore, a sales executive has to maintain a positive and professional attitude with the other departments. He/She sould know all the applications and features of the products or services offered by the company. Most of the introductory or promotional presentations and demos are given by sales executives. Moreover, a sales executive also sends messages to the prospects.

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