What Is The Duties Of Branch Manager?


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1. Maintain personal contact with customers and all employees on the
sales floor to insure customer satisfaction.

2. Develop annual operating budgets for sales and expense lines and approve
complete operating budget, monitoring performance to achieve budgeted results.

3. Conduct weekly department supervisor meetings to reinforce store standards
and procedures.

4. Conduct performance evaluations for all department supervisors and
key personnel as scheduled.

5. Conduct weekly store evaluations with department supervisors to determine
any action necessary to maintain and elevate store standards, setting goals
and objectives to be reviewed during the next store evaluation.

6. Insure regular price checks are completed on competition; analyze
and implement any actions necessary to maximize market share.

7. Represent the Company on all local community matters and insure that
representation creates goodwill and promotes community economic development.

8. Insure a regular preventative maintenance and sanitation schedule
is followed and all safety procedures are implemented to guarantee the comfort
and security of both our employees and customers.

9. Additional duties as assigned by supervisors.

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