What Is The Significance Of Marketing In The Modern Business Era?


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Marketing is highly significant in the modern business era, because the concept of marketing has evolved to include online marketing. Online marketing is a whole new way of brand-building and getting exposure - it is significant because promoting online can be much less expensive than using more traditional methods of marketing, such as print ads, radio ads, and television ads. While the cost of running national and international marketing campaigns used to be prohibitive (especially for small companies), it is now possible for even the smallest start-up firm to show off their goods and services to a global audience.

Modern Marketing Methods

• Social Networking - Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and MySpace (among many others) are prime applications for promoting goods and services, and promoters don't need to spend a single dime to use these Web-based services. Social media opens up a huge pool of potential customers, fans, and investors - connections can be made in an instant, and strengthened through comments, chat, tweets, and check-ins. These powerful resources have changes the face of modern marketing forever.
• Websites - A website is a modern business card for the digital age; websites are used to sell goods, to perform affiliate marketing that generates new products, and to advertise a company's mission statement, policies, and business reputation. A typical company website will include current contact information, testimonials from happy clients, and information about products and services. Some websites may have interactive features, such as online chat rooms and message boards.

Modern marketing is about speed and agility - marketers must be able to stay in pace with the changing times, and adjust their approaches to reflect new technology and fast-moving trends. The best marketers will work hard to keep their corporate messages fresh, modern, and engaging - then, they will target their ideal clients online and attempt to sell them good and services.
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I agree with Conner Sephton, this is the digital age and the concept of online marketing has got a lot of popularity. With the emergence of online marketing,having exciting visuals and videos are also considered to be the most important tool to generate customers response which has also been proven by the research. Almost 26%of people will be triggered to search for more information after watching a video on a certain topic. Now you can tell how important these things have become.

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In modern life every new business need advertisement which are of any type online or offline. In this we tell about the services and product to the customer. 

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Hello, guys! I think that some offline marketing methods are really good these days too. For example, I like making some promo items like Lapel Pins and other products which I give for  free to my clients. I think you guys might like this idea too ;)

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