How Do I Access My Sears Credit Card Account?


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Sears Roebunk and Co. Is a chain of department stores in the United States (see for more). Sears cards are a type of debit card that can only be obtained in the United States, and are only useable in Sears retail stores. Ownership of a Sears card offers some rewards, such as a points system, and facilitate easy purchasing, and are an incentive for customers to buy products from Sears. Sears cards work a little like debit cards in that money can be put onto them, which is then spent on purchases. Having made sure that your internet connection works and is secure, follow the link below. At the bottom on the link is a blue box, with "access your account" written in it. The instructions state to enter the first six digits of your account number. Sears cards can be used in places such as Sears, Kmart, MyGofer, Craftsman, Kenmore, Parts Direct, Lands'end , The Great Outdoors, and other Sears outlets; in short, any member of the Sears Holding Company family of companies. Balance enquiries can be made over the phone or through the internet, and payments can be made through the internet, by mail, or in store. To pay via the internet you must make an account, which can be done at at the bottom on the page you can "register now". The FAQ page on the Citibank website (Sears cards are now owned by Citibank) was particularly useful, here is a link:  If you want to get in touch with Sears Card, or if you card has been stolen or there are any other problems, see for help. They can also be contacted through the phone, and the contact numbers are found in the link.
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Look at your bill. Go to
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Enter first four numbers of account
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There is no other extra procedure to do so, just do it in the same way exactly you doing it at present. The sites are user friendly they will guide you quite easily.

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I have a sears credit card under the name of Jon Meyer @ 4205 Bougainvilla Dr.
Fort Lauderdale, Fl  33308.  Approx 2 years ago I signed for a stove for my sister
Marlene A. Wood @2716 N.W. 52nd St.  Tamarac Fl.   I have misplaced my sears
account number and am inquiring as to the  balance any payments late if any on the acct.
Jon Meyer

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