Is Net First Platinum A Credit Card?


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The short answer is no, it’s not. If you look at this website: you’ll find some information about the Net First Platinum card, and a link to apply for one. They claim that they make no credit checks, you can have $500 credit at 0 per cent interest; approval is guaranteed and they won’t do an employment check. Sound too good to be true? Well, that’s because it is.

For a start, it’s a merchandise card, which means that you can only buy particular merchandise with it - and they dictate what, and that’s if you ever actually get the card in the first place.

If you scroll further down the page on this site, you will see lots of comments from people who have been tempted to apply for this card. As you will see, they are not happy.

There are other sites too where other people give their experiences with this company, just Google ‘Net First Platinum’ and you’ll find plenty, but they all have one thing in common, there isn’t a single person who says how great their Net First Platinum card is.

In fact, the common experience seems to be that they have been asked to forward $29 to the company directly from their bank accounts for admin purposes. Then there seems to be a couple of different outcomes: The first is that the applicant has heard nothing else from the company; the second is that they have received a phone call (from an unlisted number) verifying that the $29 has been received and that the application is being processed, and then they hear nothing ever again.

Although, Net First provides an address, and no one seems to have had a positive outcome. So, not only is the Net First Platinum card not a credit card, it’s regarded by some as a scam.

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