Im trying to get my credit card from netfirstplatinum?


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Net First Platinum (the company apparently based in Pennsylvania, Indiana) is described by its site and advertisements as a card with a credit limit of $500, which is approved to you as soon as you get a card; anyone can apply with most receiving a card; and it has no interest rate at all. There is a monthly fee of $24.95 and a $5 processing fee. However, people who apply are told to also send an activation fee, and, when they do so, given a date upon which they will receive their card. Some claim to get their new card, others not - but regardless of this, those who have given their details to the company find money has been taken out of their accounts without their authorisation, which obviously causes a host of problems such as the obvious loss of money, possibly having to close an account and open a new one - all of this causing huge amounts of unnecessary stress and upset.

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