How Can I Check Status On My Sears Credit Card Application?


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There appears to be no automatic facility to check your cards status on their website. If you have your card, look to see if there are any visible phone numbers on the card. You should call those first as they are likely to be the most helpful. However, if you do not yet have your card, or if you have lost your card then you will need to contact them using the appropriate number from their website. Activation enquires are 1-800-589-7327, and general enquires are 1-800-917-7700. If you've lost your card, you should call 1-800-265-3675 as soon as possible, and then you can cancel your card so that no one else can use it. You can check the balance and account information at using your log in details. Check the FAQ as your question may already be answered at If you do need to phone any of their numbers, remember to have your account details and as much information to hand because you don't want to be fumbling through documents of paper to find your card number, or any reference numbers they may ask you for on the phone. Further contact details can be found here:
At the moment, it doesn't seem that Sears are offering their customers a way to check the status of a credit card application via their website. However, after entering your details and filling out an application, you should only be greeted with a certain handful of answers. Approved means that your application has been accepted by Sears and that your card should be on its way to you shortly.

Declined, of course, means that your application for whatever reason has not been successful. This is basically the end of the line for the application and means nothing more will be reviewed or taken into account. Then, sometimes, you'll see 'Pending' and this can be for many reasons and this is most probably the answer you were met with as you are asking this question.

A credit card application can be pending for a number of reasons. Sometimes, more information is required and Sears will contact you requesting it; this could be anything from an address or date of birth to an employment history and sometimes, the application just needs to be looked over by an expert who will manually take your account into consideration, instead of a computer system credit checker.

If you were met with the Pending decision, the best thing to do to find out the status of your application is to give the Sears Credit Card department a call. The number for Sears Credit Card Account Inquiries is 1-800-265-3675. You can also call this number for Sears Mastercard queries: 1-800-267-1660.

If you're not positive of which number to call, then you can always call the main customer service line who will happily put you through to the right department, and you can reach them on 888-473-2772 or via email at [email protected]
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I would contact Sears Customer Service, and ask them if it is active, and if it isn't could they please re-activate it and send you a new card.  Good-Luck.
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Contact Sears customer service and ask them to look up your account.
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If you haven't been given a new card in 5 years you may need to reactivate your account. Call customer service, they will be happy to reinstate your account. Peace
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5 years? Even if the account is still active, your card has probably expired, you were a good customer they'll happily reinstate you!
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Most cards remain active for 5 years. However, you should read on your card the expiry date if it is mentioned there.

Secondly you can either use the card on any reader to know if it is active or you must call the customer care center. They will tell you all the details of your sears card by asking a few relative questions.
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Where I have to go an pay my sears card before was easy now not what is the stupid thing than I have to do?

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