I Have Not Received An Unemployment Check In Two Weeks, What Should I Do?


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Call them back but make sure you followed all steps
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There is no jobs that can pay me $1,000 week. Maybe we should rob banks that is were the money is. Call in bomb threats.
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I understand how frustrating it is. Unfortunately, computers do fail us. Hopefully you will receive your check by tomorrow, if not, call the unemployment office and ask if they can tell you if and when the check was sent.

Can you sign up for direct deposit? I have better luck getting my unemployment check on time without interruptions this way.
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Call the unemployment office. Did you read the information included with your check? Was that the last $$$ you were eligible for on this claim? Sorry, I didn't read the whole question. I'm new at this
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Call them to the 1800 number that is listed maybe they need identity proof sent by you have you received anything during the two week wait because they do hold a week of your money.
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Whomever is suggesting you call unemployment would have a better chance getting a meeting with the Pope if you are in California.  When they make a mistake there is no one to contact. PERIOD!
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Good afternoon,
I have been collecting unemployment insurance since February, 2009.  I did not receive my check this week, which I usually receive on Wednesday by direct deposit. Is there a number that I can call?
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Its true ive been waiting a month for my late checks to arrive... The california system must
be overloaded because I can't get ahold of anyone to try and find out when my checks r coming.
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  Unemployment compensation is made available to the employee who files the same with the local authorities personally or online. Check if your claim has been correctly filed with either of these resources:

- www.uibenefits.dol.ks.gov
- Toll free 800-292-6333.
- Claim specialists at the local Unemployment Claim office or at the Labour Union office you may be a member of.

  You should also check if all the information provided by you was correct. The information includes:

- The names and addresses of your previous employers.
- Your social security number
- Form SF-8 and SF-50, if you were a federal employee.
- DD-214 form, if you were with the military.
- The name and local number of your labour union.
- Your Alien Registration Number issued by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (INS), if you are not a citizen of the country.

  If the minimum waiting period of one week is over, then you need to check personally or online with the authorities handling your case, about the procedure adopted and lapse of communication, if any. It pays to keep in regular touch with the official in charge of handling your case. You also need to check on the efficiency and track record of the caseworker.
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I would call Unemployment. If they have a question about your claim they could be holding your check until you give them a call and clear things up with them. Or you could have waited to long to file a weekly claim, so then you would have to call them to restart your claim.
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I've called unemployment and cannot - CANNOT - get through. I have two phone numbers and both are busy. Is there a website or email - I'll even drive to the location if I know where to go.
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I haven't either. What state do you live in? I've tried calling the numbers,and emails they provided as contacts. All I get is an automated service that says all operators are busy,to call back at a later time,and hangs up on me. And no response from the emails either.

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