How Can I Check The Status Of My Unemployment Claim In Georgia?


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On the official website of Georgia Department of Labor: there is a section called ‘Claim Weekly Unemployment benefits’. Clicking on it will lead you to the ‘Certification Access’ page. Click on ‘Inquiry’ and fill out the form to REQUEST the SEB benefits. That is how you check it. You first need to apply and become eligible to the benefits though.

Individuals who are considered out of work through no fault of their own may be eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits. Minimum qualifications for eligibility include, but are not limited to:  Sufficient earnings within the base period of a claim to qualify monetarily for benefits; must be wholly unemployed or employed less than full-time and have earnings less than their weekly entitlement; must be found to be out of work through no fault of their own; must be available to seek and accept work customary to their normal occupation; must be physically and mentally able to work at the time they initiate a claim for benefits; and, must not refuse suitable work when offered.

However, in order to keep receiving an unemployment check every week you must file a continued claim, also known as a weekly certification or weekly claim. The purpose of filing a continued claim is to tell the unemployment agency that you:

1.Are actively looking for work.
2. Have not done any work this week.
3. Have not made any money this week (unless you are allowed to by the terms of your unemployment.)
4. Have not found a new job.
5. Want to receive an unemployment check or payment this week.

Therefore, it is very important to file your continued claim every week to keep receiving your unemployment check.

If you delay in filing your continued claim, you may not get your unemployment check on time.
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I was told I would have to wait for a written decision and that if my claim was approved my first check would likely be sent out same day with the decision.
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My unemployment ran out in apr some people got a letter stating they would get a 3 tier unemployment why did I not get one
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I was told to apply on line every week from the day I made my first claim (every weds.).   I was also told to submit three jobs I applied for that week along with my submission.

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