I've Exhausted My Unemployment Benefits From N.J. Do I Have To Call In For An Extension Or Will It Be Automatic?


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It depends on which of the unemployment benefits you have exhausted. If you have exhausted the original 26 week unemployment benefits, then you will be able to get Emergency Unemployment Compensation, which was passed by the Federal gov't last year. After the 26 week unemployment, Tier 1 EUC is available, but must be enacted before December 19, 2009 to get the benefits. You don't need to call to find out about whether you qualify or not for Tier 1 EUC, the unemployment people in NJ should tell you within 10 days of exhausting your benefits if you will qualify. If you do, no further action is needed, and your unemployment will continue.

If you are on Tier 1 EUC, and have exhausted it, then there is Tier 2 of the EUC, which is an additional 13 weeks of unemployment. Like Tier 1, you will be notified by the unemployment people in NJ and if you qualify, you will continue to receive unemployment.

If both Tier 1 and Tier 2 EUC has been exhausted, NJ may have what's called Extended Benefits or EB available. This is a state/federal unemployment lifeline consisting of 13/20 weeks of unemployment. Unlike the earlier unemployment, to continue to be eligible for EB, you will have to show proof of looking for work (similar to the days when people had to go to the unemployment office to check in to get their unemployment benefits). Again, you don't need to call, the unemployment offices in NJ should let you know within 10 days of exhausting benefits whether or not you qualify for EB.

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