Can My Boyfriend Stay Over While I Claim Income Support?


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In most cases, it should be perfectly acceptable if your boyfriend stays over occasionally, as long as he has his own home to return to.

Although the law may be different depending on your location, this is generally the case in the United Kingdom.

Can a boyfriend stay over when you're on Income Support?
In all honesty, the rules that govern co-habitation aren't very clear. There is no set number of days that a partner can stay over when you're on Income Support. Instead, a benefit fraud investigator would take into consideration a number of factors:

  • Where your partner normally stays
  • Whether he pays his own rent and bills somewhere else
  • Whether you shop together and share each other's resources and income
You may find the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships' study on co-habitation a useful source of information (although it's a bit of a lengthy read).

Although you might be worried by the vagueness of the law regarding co-habitation, it actually works in your favor. No matter how 'threatening' a letter from the benefit fraud office might sound, the burden is on them to prove that you've acted unlawfully - and this can be difficult to do.
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Yes, your boyfriend or any other visitor (your mum, dad, relatives and friends) could stay for a week or two.

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