Can You Collect Back Unemployment Benefits For The Time You Did Not Call In Your Claims?


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Depends how long has it been since you became unemployed?  You must file within 1 year or less.  Over that period you can kiss your chances goodbye.  It is suggested to file as soon as you can.
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Do I flie now even if Im collecting short term disability at the presnt time, I was termination July 24th from this employer but collecting short term benefits at present time..
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I was terminated do to I'm unable to return back to work do to on short term medical leave cause of breast cancer diagnosis. I have all the paperwork in regards to my being unable to return to work at this time. I worked there for 9 months and prior worked at another job for 9 months then prior to that worked at the recent employer 8 yrs. Am I intitled to unemployment and how long do I haveto wait to collect unemployment if my short term medical leave isn't over until Nov 1st 2011.

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