How Do I Receive A Copy Of My Unemployment Pay Stub?


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In most U.S. States, unemployment services have "gone green” meaning they no longer mail out paper checks and there is probably not a paper pay stub. If you would like to find out information about your pay history, most states now offer online and telephone services. Contact information was probably sent to you when you applied for unemployment.

When you applied for unemployment, you were probably given a pin or ID of some sort. You should be able to use this pin to log in and access online payment information. If you aren’t comfortable accessing information online, you can call your local unemployment office customer service number.

If you are required to have documentation of income for some reason, the unemployment office can issue a letter that confirms your income. In essence, this will be your "pay stub”. If you already have any documentation that outlines your benefits this will most likely suffice for many circumstances. If you are applying for welfare, any unemployment documentation with the letterhead of the unemployment office will be good enough to use in this case.

In some states, unemployment benefits are now disbursed into an account that can be used with an unemployment debit card. This is very convenient for those receiving unemployment. If you want to know your payment history, the issuing bank will probably be happy to send you a statement.

For some people, the movement toward "paperless” documentation is a little scary. Maybe you feel like a paper copy would be more secure. Maybe you aren’t comfortable looking at your information online. Many people feel this way, but if you want the fastest and most accurate access to your unemployment, the internet is the best way to go. You can look up past payments, issues with payment, method of payment, and much more.
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I need to get copies of my recent four pay check stubs.

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