Will Unemployment Pay For Me To Return To College?


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Going back to school or college while unemployed sounds like a reasonable idea. After all, the individual is attempting to improve their prospects of finding a job by getting a better education. There are, however, pitfalls to be aware of.

  • Loss of Benefits
As a rule, those who receive unemployment benefits are supposed to be looking for work on a regular basis. Not only that, they are supposed to be available for work should a job opportunity arise. This, of course, is not possible while at college. Failing to accept a job or refusal to seek work can ultimately result in loss of benefits.

  • State Laws on Unemployment Benefits
The best way to go ahead is to get informed. In other words, the individual wishing to return to college should find out what the laws with regards to unemployment benefit and school in their state of residence are.

  • Approved Training Programs
If state laws may result in loss of benefits if returning through college while receiving them, it may be best to inquire about approved training programs. Once such a program is approved, the applicant is then exempted from the job search rule.

  • Grants
Another option is to try and get a grant. This will remove the need for unemployment benefit while going through an education. It is certainly worth getting some information, maybe from a careers advisor or similar.

  • Fraudulent Claims
It is, of course, possible to simply go to college and just claim that one is looking for work. If found out, however, the claim will be treated as fraudulent and, apart from benefits being stopped, the claimant may also be asked to repay the money he received and possibly a fine. It is, therefore most advisable to explore all other options before taking this potentially costly risk.

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