How To Write Letter To Transfer Bank Account?


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First line (DATE). Second line (TO, normally your contact at the bank, or your local branch manager). Third line (BRANCH’S ADDRESS â€" must include their branch name, street, town, county and country). Under the subject line, you should specify clearly that you are wanting to transfer your bank account, so that they can access the relevant part of their system as they are reading your letter. Before you begin explaining why you want to transfer your bank account, you need to give them the reference number for your current account. In beginning the letter, be courteous, and address the relevant Sir or Madam who you’re writing the letter to. When writing the bulk of the letter, you need to outline the main reason for transferring your bank account. This could be for many reasons. You could be transferring your account between branches because you’ve moved from one place to another (and therefore another branch would be closer), or because your place of work that the account is with is closer to another branch. Another reason could be that you want to transfer all the details of the account to another bank, and therefore would need the details from the bank to be able to transfer your money. When signing your letter, thank them courteously and finish concisely. A good example of a clean way to end the letter would be, "Thank you in advance. Best Regards, (your name)”
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DATE: - 23 May 2010
The Manager,
Bank of India,
M.I.D.C. Satpur,

Subject: - Bank account transfer (CURRENT A/C No...)

Dear Sir/ Madam,
  We are maintaining CURRENT A/C No... With you.
We want to transfer our account to your new branch at Ambad which is near to our company.  

Kindly do the needful  
Thanking you,

You’re faithfully
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Amount transfer one account to another account
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I have account in jaffna bank I want ot transer it wellawatte bank how to writ a letter
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I have money on my NFC account. I want transfer it is currency by rupees on my mother account.
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The Branch Manager,

Bank of India,

S.A.S. Nagar.

Subject:  Transfer
of Account no. <______>.

Dear Sir

I am maintaining a SB Account (No. ______) with your branch. Now I want to get this account transferred to
SBI Branch located at <______>. Kindly transfer the same & oblige. Funds lying to the credit of
my existing account may also please be transferred to my new account.

I shall be thankful to you.

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