How Do I Talk To A Person At The Unemployment In New York?


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You can speak to someone in the New York Unemployment Department by calling the toll free number 1-888-581-5812. This is a very popular number and you can expect a lengthy delay whatever time of the day you make your call. When you call this number you should have a note of your Social Security number and dates of employment and unemployment.

In order to receive 'Money determination' you will have to answer a number of questions and provide documentary evidence to support your answers. Once your claim has been received it will be assessed to determine the level of money determination that you are due, if any, and this information will be communicated back to you. If you are in disagreement with the assessment there is an appeals process available. If you are turned down for money determination you also have the right appeal using the 'Request for Reconsideration' procedure. To assist with your claim there is a money determination Handbook which explains the entire process.

You will be able to claim for money determination if you work less than four days per week and earn below a certain threshold .Details of the current threshold will be explained over the telephone. If you qualify for money determination the amount that you receive will be related to the amount of days that you work, for example, if you work two days per week you can expect to earn half of the money determination rate that you would expect if you weren't working part-time.

As well as telephone calls you can also find out details online. Be careful to only use the official website, the information provided on other websites may not be 100% accurate.

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