How Do Win My Edd Appeal Hearing?


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I'm appealing my case for the reason that I did not meet the earning criteria,reason for that,I'm on disability work related injury,my earning is less because of that 75% of my salary and the took another 5% of my salary due company is getting slow on I iam asking for reconsideration on my case,I know that earning is not meet the bracket that they required
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Do you mean you were initially found to not be eligible for UIB benefits, and now you want to win your appeals hearing, right? Bring any documents you have to prove your case, if applicable. If you have no documents and no one to testify for you (a witness), show up to your hearing and tell the judge your side of the story, include info that is contradictory to the information your prev employer tell/submit to the judge at the hearing, if they haven't already submitted evidence. Good luck!

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