What Is Maximum Federal Unemployment Extension In Ct ?


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The maximum federal unemployment extension that you can have within this area ranges from seven to 20 weeks. This has recently been extended due to the fact that people where only finding out that they had a few weeks left of their unemployment, and the they would panic and feel like they would not be able to get a job in time, or that they would not have time to contact to the office and have an extension that would mean that they would not have to worry about how much longer they would need the unemployment for.

The system is in place to ensure that people who do not have jobs can support themselves whilst they are looking for a job, the extensions had be looked over and updated due to the demands of society and the understanding that it can sometimes be hard for certain people to get a job in the area that they live in. The recent extension has been put in place by the president so people know that the unemployment extension can not be extended any further and that they are not going to be able to find a way around getting unemployment benefit for any longer than they are going to need it.

It is to stop people from taking advantage of the system and using it as the main source of income without looking for a job that is going to enable them to support themselves. If you are trying to achieve the maximum unemployment extension that you can have in Ct you are going to have to contact your local unemployment office and either explain on the phone or go in for a meeting to discuss your situation and how the extension can be decided upon successfully to meet the demands of both you and the unemployment office.
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Yes there are 2 existing extensions and now ct has triggered another 7 weeks plus obama just passed a bill for 20 more weeks in states with 8.5% or more and ct is at 8.7% unemployment
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I just learned I have only 5 more weeks of first tier benefits in CT, which barely covered one year in total benefits.  Are there further extensions?  Anyone know...I just emailed DOL in CT and they DON"T know....duh. Jan 15, 2010
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If someone is getting Unemployment benefits since October 2008,still he would be able to get extended benifits until July 2010?

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