How To Get Paid After Winning Edd Appeal?


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EDD will start sending you checks in the mail, eventually. Might take up to 30 days so I hear. Possibly within 10 days. EDD needs to get the appeal decision from the appeals department first before anything. You will get your copy of the decision in the mail before EDD does.
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I just received my letter that I was approved after my appeal. Even though I dont agree with it. They said I wont start receiving benefits until after the 29th of July. I originally filed May 12, 2010. They couldn't provide enough proof and i brought a friend that is a lawyer with me. I really think this helped. But 2 weeks? I have bills to pay. It seems like it would be more logical to pay me the back pay since I did win that part. But they have to see if Comcast appeals thier decision.

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