I Made A Claim, I Have My Confirmation Number, I Just Want To Check Into It. Can You Help?


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When making a claim at the US Social Security Department, taking the next steps and checking your confirmation number is easy. If you have lost your confirmation code or logged out during your online application you may choose to start a new form. But if you have already received a notice you no longer need your confirmation code and should follow the instructions you find in your written letter.

Getting a confirmation number doesn’t mean your application is complete; the number simply allows you to stop and restart your claim at a later time. A confirmation number is provided at the beginning of your request and it can be used to check your claim’s status as it is put through the social security system.

If you don’t enter your social security number or confirmation code correctly then you might have problems accessing your claim.

If you have entered them correctly there might be something wrong with the system but if you continue to experience difficulties call 1-800-772-1213. If you are worried about your current social security number then you can get it changed. To apply for a different number, complete an application for a social security card form, show documents proving your identity and evidence to support any requests for a new number.
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I have a cliam, I have my confirmation number. I just wanted to check into it.  Can you help?

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