How Much Can I Earn While Claiming Income Support?


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This depends on your own personal circumstances and will be affected by issues such as whether you are a lone parent or living with a partner for example. In general terms, most people should be able to earn £20 a week before it affects their income support benefits however it is always advisable to get in touch with the Department of Work and Pensions or the Jobcentre first to discuss your individual circumstances. You can contact someone by following this link:
Alternatively, you also have the option of calling into your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau to ask for some help if you are hoping to go back to work while claiming Income Support.
Other groups may not be entitled to earn this much as earning any more than £20 may affect their benefit entitlement. If in doubt, speak to one of the experienced advisors today.
In general, individuals may be allowed to work up to 16 hours a week while still claiming Income Support, but the amount they will be entitled to receive will again depend on how much they earn and their personal circumstances.
There may also be the opportunity for an individual to take part in volunteering projects while receiving benefits. In fact, there may be the possibility of them being able to claim back some expenses such as travel costs for example all of which are not usually regarded as income. Once again though, it is always best to speak to an expert advisor before embarking on a new career as it may affect your eligibility and entitlement to receive Income Support.
Income Support is additional money that is designed to help those people and families on lower incomes. The amount an individual is entitled to will depend on their own circumstances such as the number of dependents in a family for example.
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Does anyone know how much you can earn whilst claiming income support, before it affects your benefits, I thought it was £20.00 per week, is this correct ? And obviously you have to declare it.

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