If I Am On Income Support How Many Nights Can He Stay Over?


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Its no more than 3 nights, but its the biggest load of tosh on the planet...and although CAB (citizens advice bureau) will tell you the same let me tell you now DSS won't take that into consideration as apparently its "how society sees you" that counts! I used to be in the same situation and I can see how it would be very frustrating especially when you are in a (fairly) new relationship and don't want to rely on a brand new partner for financial support (and in a lot of cases supporting your child too especially if they are not the parent.)

My cousin met a guy after years on her own with her autistic son and after two years of dating got engaged and got pregnant. She moved house (as she was only in a 2 bed-roomed flat and needed room for the baby as it would not be able to share with her son for safety reasons) moved her son to a closer school and then had her baby but she wanted to take things slowly so as not to upset her son with all the new changes but was told she had to either move the fella in or be prosecuted because he stayed over at weekends and came up in the week to see his newborn son so trust me they don't care what your circumstances or what reasons you have for living seperately, they just want you living together to save the state some money.

It doesn't matter what their gender either so don;t be fooled into thinking friends or same sex relationships exclude you from prosecution. My friend once had her female friend from her hometown come to stay for a week and an intefering neighbour reported her for having this lady there. By the time DSS came to investigate the friend was long gone back home but they still made her feel like a criminal and they told her if it happened again she would be prosecuted!!!

I wholeheartedly agree people should not take the mick out of the system and if you are with someone long term then you SHOULD do things properly but so much for encouraging people to take their time and not dive head first into relationships before knowing someone properly as is the case for so many people!!
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I  have no were to live as I left my husband  due to his heavy drinking  problem  I cannot  live with him any longer so I had to leave my  family home. But now do not have a places t live ive had to count on friends to put me up so ive got a roof over my heard  I am a woman of 53 yrs. And rying to get  a places off my own but the local council  wont house me as ive got no childern  but still need a  places of my own. I  had to give up my full tme job as ive all always  been inwork to become my dads  full time carer and  get  income support and  money for looking after  my dad. But would like to get a plces to live but cannot afford a despiot toget a places to live ive got no one to help me with money to help me gt a places to live.  Would  I be able to claim  housing benfit  to help me  rent an get a places to live and how how would I get to pay for my rent.
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I'm in the same position as you here. I have heard different stories and I'm not sure which one to believe. I have heard they (partner) can stay over 4 nights a week aslong as its not consecutive i.e. Stop one day, then miss a day, rather than 4 in a row. I've also heard that 2 nights is the maximum, I really don't know what to believe. More people seem to be leaning more to the 2 nights a week.  Best of luck!
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You are not allowed anyone to stay over at all

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