Can You Tell Me What Bank Routing Number 074909962 Is Assigned To?


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From online research it seems that the routing number you mentioned belongs to JP Morgan Chase.

  • In some cases you may have the name of your bank but not the routing number. In order to find the correct number, there are a number of avenues you can go down. Firstly, consider searching online by accessing the Bank Routing Numbers website
  • There will be a space for you to fill in the name of your bank. Once you've clicked on 'search' the webpage should generate the bank in question's ABA routing number along with the bank's address and telephone number.
  • You could also find the number by accessing the official website of the bank you have set up an account with. The information may be found under 'customer service' or 'FAQs'. However, keep in mind that not all banks publish this number on their website.
  • Another option you could consider is to access your online banking tools and find any previous bank statements. You may find that the routing number is displayed next to your account number on the document.
  • Lastly, you could always email your bank stating that you do not have the correct ABA number. Make sure you go through their customer service department, so locate the relevant email address from their website.

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