How Can I Find The ABA Number For The Bank Of America?


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Usually the first 2 digits of the nine digit ABA number must be in ranges 00 to 12, 21 to 32, 61 to 72, or 80. 00 is used by the US government, 01 to 12 are normal routing numbers. 21 to 32 were assigned only to thrift institutions, 61 to 72 for electronic transactions and 80 is used for travelling cheques.

You cannot find out the ABA numbers of transactions as they are highly confidential and you could get into legal hassles. You could go to and get some information about it. It is a free site. But it is impossible to display an ABA number on the internet as it is as important as a credit card number or a bank account number. The numbers usually have to go through a checksum of the following formula to be real-(3d1 + 7d2 + d3 + 3d4 + 7d5 + d6 + 3d7 + 7d8 + d9) mod 10 = 0.

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