What is the routing number for wachovia bank in maryland?


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I couldn't find a routing number for a Wachovia bank in Maryland, however I did find a list of routing numbers for all the Wachovia banks in the US - www.wachovia.com/foundation/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=b71010a209
  • Online
If you need to find the routing number of a certain bank, you could always consider some various options. For example, if you access the bank's website you can sometimes find information regarding the routing number in a section on the website. Sometimes it appears in the common FAQs section, but if you're unsure just search 'routing number' in the search bar provided.

  • Account
You can find the routing number through your account. The number will be presented on your personal checks; however, if you don't have a checkbook you can still access your account as the number should be listed near to your account number.

  • Bank Statement
Looking through bank statements will help you locate the routing number for your bank because it should be stated on the statement. You can see this on a physical copy of your statement as well as an online version.

  • Contact your Bank
If you struggle with all the other options you could always get in contact with your bank directly. Make sure that you speak to your local branch because they will have your personal account information. If you speak to a customer service representative they will usually give you the right routing number for the bank.

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