What Is Wachovia Banks Routing Number In Florida?


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There currently is no official database available that lists all of the routing numbers for Wachovia banks in Florida as there are so many. You may have to check your check book or call up your local bank to get the correct number according to your exact location.

The routing number is located on your check book and is part of the numbers on the bottom of the check. You will find it in the first nine digits of the numbers at the bottom left of the check. It will be between two colons and has a horizontal dash alongside it.

Here is a link however to a list of numbers for several banks across Florida that may be of use - www.gregthatcher.com/Bank/RoutingNumbers/State/FL . This site is updated from the Federal Reserve so should be quite reliable. This site states two available routing numbers, 063109430 for Winston, Salem and 063110050 for Deland.

The IBAN, stands for International Bank Account Number and is used to identify banks across national borders.

Bank routing numbers (IRN) are used to identify specific banks within bank companies. They tell people and banks, where exactly funds will come out of and where they should be put into. In America, the routing numbers are made up of the Federal Reserve routing symbol, the American Bankers Association number and check digit. These IRNs are also used for online and electronic transactions.

Electronic checks are used in such cases where the person does not want to use a card or paper check to purchase an item. In these cases, the IRN shows the banks and companies that the payment is legitimate. The most common use of electronic routing numbers is in use of direct deposits.

In the UK, the banks identification can be found on the card and on checks.
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There are a couple, east coast/west coast type of thing 063107513  067006432

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