Which Type Of Companies Use Telemarketing To Enhance Their Business?


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Almost all types of businesses, all over the world use telemarketing as an important tool to enhance their sales and retain customer satisfaction. Not only telemarketing is used for sales purposes but also for market research to check if the satisfaction level of customers. It is also done to generate leads for sales and to help customers, who call in for product information at a certain toll free number.

Companies selling consumer products, such as internet and DSL services, vacation and time share packages, mobile phone companies, charitable organizations, political parties and many other companies who want to just gain the attention of the customers and gain sales or make money.

Many companies use telemarketing for market research purposes to make sure the company is well reputed amongst its customers. The people whom they call are their own existing customers or the ones who purchased at least once from them. For example, Volk's Wagon, the famous car company, has a proper telemarketing campaign, which they are outsourcing from Asia. The agents are responsible for calling up the customers and taking their feedback about the car they purchased and also if they are satisfied by the services offered by the company.

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