How Can I Start A Conversation In Telemarketing?


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Knowing how to best to telemarket to your customers can drastically increase your sales. This is best done by reducing the number of rejections that you get from customers and increasing the number of sales that you bring in.

If you are having trouble increasing your telemarket sales, then below are a few tips on how to get back on track and get those sales rolling in.
1. You should start by asking your customer an open ended question that will enable you to find out as much as you can about the types of products and services that they would be interested in purchasing. Don't attack them; just keep the conversation nice and light.

2. Your next step should be to get your customer/prospect more interested in your product. This can do this by emphasizing how much the product will benefit them.

3. Give your customer a detailed description of your product, just enough so that they can have a visual image of the product and what it can provide. Keep it simple and avoid getting technical as this will put your customer off.

4. Even though the customer is just another customer, you should make them feel unique and special by personalizing your pitch to them. You can do this by continuing to use their name in your conversation, although not too much that it starts to sound odd. Avoid following a strict set of questions. Your next question should aim to be a follow-up query on the customer's own answer.

5. Be sure to offer your customer the most expensive service or product first. That way, if they reject it, you always have back up cheaper options to use.

6. Whether you have made the sale or not, you should end your phone call with a commitment to the customer. This could either be a promise of another phone call or a decision that you will order that product and get it delivered to them.

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