What Are All Of The Top IT Companies Around The World And Their CEO's?


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The success of any business and its growth over the targeted period of time is greatly attributed to the management skills of the company CEO. In the case of big companies and major industry investors, the risks involved are also major. A CEO is 'the' person who is credited for every success and also blamed for every setback the company faces. He or she is required to take timely initiatives and secure for the company a special niche amongst competitors. The competition is very cutthroat today and this has made it easy to identify the top IT companies and their CEOs, who are credited for their ranking. There are regular surveys and research conducted by companies like Forbes and Time that helps to assess and measure a company's success quotient regularly. The list unfolded below is a sneak peek at some of the accredited companies and their CEOs.

EMC Joe Tucci
Brocade Greg Rayes
Mc Data John Kelley
Q logic H.K.Desai
Iron Mountain Peter Oppen
Venitas Gary Bloom
Dot Hill Systems James Lambert
Storage Tek Pat Martin

As the famous Arabian proverb goes, 'Diligence is the greatest of all teachers' it is the diligence and focused perseverance of these individuals that has earned them and their companies the desired and much deserved credit and ranking.
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