What Is Telemarketing?


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The process of communicating and marketing the information about any new product, over a telephone is known as telemarketing. It is considered to be one of the major business campaigns these days which is spreading world wide but also creating a lot of frustration at times.

In telemarketing there can be mostly cold calls, which are calls that the receiver does not expect he will be getting. A telemarketing agent will be trained about the product knowledge and asked to call up people randomly and inform them about a certain product. All you require for the process of telemarketing is a computer with a database of all the targeted customers, with their phone numbers and a phone line. Telemarketing can also be done from home, in fact it is one of the most popular outsourced work in the world.

The main purpose of telemarketing is to gain customer's attention and to make sales as much as possible over the phone, which can be very difficult and challenging. The list of people to be called is usually bought by other companies through which the person might have bought some thing in the past and given his personal information. Customers get really angry at the fact that their personal information is being used by people they did not have any association with.

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