Who Are The Companies Who Recruit SAP Professionals In Post Implementation Support With Experience 1 Year To 2 Years ?


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There are some companies who will hire SAP professionals, with one to two years of experience in this field. However, because, I do not know where you live, I cannot provide specific companies, which are located near you. I found a list of websites from where you can gather information and on some you can apply online. One particular site looks very promising and perhaps will be helpful to you. There are jobs available in the United States, South Africa, Argentina, parts of Asia, Europe and Australia on this site.

Here you will also find VISA information, Forums to chat with others like you who are seeking positions, a list of companies and more. After, you register on the site you will be able to search for jobs and get additional assistance and training, if you need this.

Link for Simply  
If, this link does not work then copy and paste it into your browser search bar or just enter the URL into the search bar and click.

Also, looks like a good place to look. There is a lot of information, helpful to someone in your situation. The job search button is the last button, at the top right hand side of the screen. Click this, and it will take you to openings. You can also apply from this site for some positions. If you need more, then just enter "SAP professional job openings" into your search bar and get a full listing of all the potential sites with help for folks like yourself.
Good Luck in your search!

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