What Major Financial Companies Are Based In Cardiff ?


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The Financial services sector is one of the most important sectors contributing to Welsh economy and generating about 5 percent of Welsh GDP. It homes about 1800 companies provides employment to about 28,000 people.
Presently Cardiff is the center of finance services in Wales. About 62% of the workforce is employed in the financial services . Many of UK and global financial services companies have set up their bases and operations in Wales since 1990s.
Some of the major financial companies based in Cardiff are Barclays, Admiral Insurance, Heritage Financial group (HBOS), Lloyds TSB, HSBC, Zurich, GMAC, GE and Legal & General. Some companies that have sprung in the Wales itself are The Principality Building Society, Julian Hodge Bank, Admiral Insurance and Thomas, Carroll. These companies also have been able to grow significantly over the past few years.
There are many success stories in Cardiff for companies in the financial sector. For example, Admiral Insurance in Cardiff has grown from a staff strength of 57 in 1993 to a strength of 1700 people in 2005. It is established in two sites in Cardiff and Swansea. The company now has over 1 million customers and a yearly revenue of over £548 million.

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