What Is The General Procedure Of Telemarketing?


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Telemarketing started in 1970s and was introduced for the purpose of easing the process of marketing for businesses. It can be started from any place, whether it is an office cabin, home or a call center. It requires a computer with the data base information about the customer, a dedicated phone line and either an agent who can call up people or even an automated recording.

The automated recording is generally a pre recorded message of a sales pitch and is mostly used by government organizations. It is important to make at least two calls per customer to have an efficient telemarketing campaign. In the first call usually the agent gets the information about the needs of the customer and in the second call is made to convince and motivate the person to buy the product.

The potential customers are gathered by either lead generation or by purchasing a data base of customer's information from other companies from which the customers have already purchased in the past. These can also include information about the person's credit limit, purchase history and other personal data.

It is also very important to have a good telephone line and a properly trained agent who is well informed about the product for which he is about to pitch to people.

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