How Advertisement Can Benefit The Manufacturers?


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Benefits to manufactures
1- Advertising helps the manufacturers in creating demand for the products and thus increasing their sales
2- Effective advertising keeps steady demand for products round the year. The seasonal fluctuations are greatly smoothed out by good advertisement.
3- Advertising stimulates demand for products. The manufacturers keep smaller inventories due to rapid turn over
4- The retailers benefit from advertising as the consumers get better information about the quality of the products. The increased demand for goods from the retailers enlarges the sales of the products.

5- Advertising increases sales and thereby facilitates mass production. The cost per unit of production is therefore reduced.
6- The consumers are better informed of the goods available in the market through advertising. The task of the salesman thus becomes easier in canvassing for the product. Advertising thus supplements salesmanship and helps in promoting the sales of the product.

7- Advertising directly encourages innovation and technological advancements. The improvement and development of new products leads to the higher sales and an increase in profits of the other manufacturer.
8- The production of higher quality of goods and the information of their availability in the market through advertisements gives a sense of pride to the manufacturer and the other employees involved in production.
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Advantages to manufacturers:
An advertisement creates demand for the products and this helps the manufacturer to reduce the marketing and production cost per unit. As a result, the profit of the manufacturer will increase. It makes the commodity famous and thus increases the goodwill of the producer. By establishing goodwill the manufacturer would be in position to position to protect from competitors. It makes the commodity popular in the society. Thus, the manufacturer is not bound to depend on the wholesalers and dealers for the sale of its products. The middlemen themselves try to contact the manufacturers to offer their services for the sale of commodities. It also helps on maintaining a steady demand for the products in all the reasons. The manufacturers in form the public about the new uses of the products in different seasons. It simplifies the distribution of commodities by the producer, by creating market for his commodities. By being impressed with the advertisement the middlemen themselves offer their services for the sale of goods.

Advantages to middlemen:
Advertisement creates demand for the commodities the task of middlemen of finding marker becomes easy. Well-advertised goods can be sold easily. It helps the middlemen in reducing the cost of sale. As the manufacturer regarding the qualities already informs the consumers through advertising, prices and benefits of purchasing his products, the work of middleman is to deliver the goods to consumers. It prevents the dangers of changes in prices. Everybody becomes aware of the process of the goods by advertisement. There is no scope of charging high prices. The prices of goods, which are not advertised, become high at the time of boom. It increases the prestige of middleman. As the middleman is dealing in advertised goods and for which quality and standards are very well maintained, it leads to increase his prestige.

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