What Are The Duties Of The Marketing Manager?


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There are number of duties of the marketing manager in any business firm. The marketing manager and sales manager in some companies are the same while in other companies these are two different posts. The basic function of the marketing manager is to advertise the products of the companies and make them famous in the marketing using different techniques. If the marketing manger is also considered as the sales mangers then he not only market the company products but also monitor the sales of the company's products in the different areas which are define by the companies. The marketing manager makes the promotion for the product in order to increase the sale of the product in the market and define goals and supervise the juniors and monitor the trade activities of the company.

So the marketing manger has the responsibility to enhance the sales of the areas which are assigned to him in order to achieve the company target which are set by the top management of the company and the marketing manger has the right to fulfill the goals of the company. He has to supervise his juniors and monitor the expense of the region. So the functions ot the marketing manager varies from one company to another company.
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There's a lot. What I am familiar with are the tasks of social media managers. They maintain and manage business social media profiles. They often share news, updates and related topics that will provide their fans information. Some social media managers use tools to help them manage multiple social media profiles.

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A Marketing manager is the person in the company who presents the company to the world. He must represent the company to the market. He does this by print and press, presentations that he produces and presents, and via the media of radio and television, if necessary.

He will often collaborate with the external advertising agency to make sure the image of the company fits with the goals agreed upon by himself ,and the directors. He often works hand in glove with the sales manager, as they have a common goal to make sure the functioning of the company and the image it presents to its customers, result in sales.

In some companies these two roles are merged and so we have the sales and marketing manager.
I have used the generic "he" throughout to represent both men and women, who both occupy marketing manager positions.

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