What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of Marketing Executive?


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Marketing Executive
Establish effective and strong network of channel-of-sales in both local and international market.

Promote and raise the brand awareness/ popularity of products.

Implement effective strategies to acquire biggest market share in the categories that products are competing, with the ultimate goal of establishing products in the leading position.

Set up periodic sales quotas and performance mile stones for various sales and marketing activities to drive the company's revenue and growth up.

Identify new business opportunities and threats to the company.

Personal Traits:
Ethical, knowing and being able to perform conscientiously and morally

Committed to developing a bright career in software industry

Eager to challenge self limit




Capable of working alone or in a team environment

Proud of delivering satisfactory service to others

Technical Requirements:
Excellent and enthusiastic at promotional techniques and knowledge of sales and marketing as well as channel management in software industry.

Able to think at high level of abstraction and fundamentally good at logical deduction. Able to think out-of-the-box.

Capable of meeting marketing objectives of software sales, market share acquisition and channel establishment with high level of performance.

Strong communication and presentation skill, interpersonal skill and a strong will to build a career in sales and marketing.

Knowledge in business needs and operating rules.

Knowledge in business application systems, distributed/ multi-tier/ web-services/ web-based/ Internet applications would be an added advantage.

Academic Qualifications: Preferably degree or diploma holder in relevant fields.

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Marketing executive means transferring goods or services  from producers to consumers,and a process is that an enterprise or other organization in order to meet consumer needs as the center of a series of marketing activities, marketing is the systematic study of the marketing activities laws of a science.

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