What Are The Duties Of Human Resources Manager ?


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The responsibilities of an HR manager will depend very much on the size of the organization he/she is working for. Some of the major things he/she has to look after are the support in development and implementation of HR policies according to organizational needs, develop an entire team for the HR function, focus on employee hiring and retention strategies and the tools used for these processes, compensation and benefits plans, communication between staff, performance management, rewards, training of employees and dealing with disciplinary issues.
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A Human Resource Manager is a person who is responsible for the Human Resource function. He is the head of human resource and all the activities are performed under him.

Following are the main duties of a Human Resource Manager:

- Oversee the Selection process.

- Oversee the interview process.

- Be present during the interview process or conduct final interviews.

- Convey required job descriptions and work titles to related staff.

- Convey policies of the organization on key human resource issues to all the staff members.

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What is the duties of hr manager. Tell me if a manager transfer to another company. ( Manager works in stitching unit he knows one person work on four machine. He left the job and join the School administration. How he can judge one teacher is suitable for the no of student.
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As a hr manager you are required to conduct interview for mechanical enginners to be newly recruited.devise a questionnarie that will provide a necessary guideline during the interview process?

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