What Are The Responsibilities Of A Marketing Manager In A Mass Communication Field Like Tv Channels?


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The responsibilities of a marketing manager are basically the same in every industry. From prostitution to television a marketing manager's basic task is to determine the demand for the firm's services and products and recognize potential customers. They have to ensure the satisfaction of the viewers and recognize and develop new products after monitoring the trend and mood set of the target audience. The basic tasks of a marketing manager include identifying, evaluating and developing strategies of marketing. These strategies are to be based on market characteristics, objectives and cost factors. It is also his job to hire and train the marketing personnel under him. The contracts with the distributors and vendors have also to be negotiated by the marketing manager. The marketing manager gets to decide the means by which the television's various programs should be advertised, marketed etc.
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How do you think the cultivation theory may impact on the manner in which the organisation should structure messages to its target audience
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The job of a marketing manager in a television channel is two fold. His primary responsibility is to ensure that all the slots between content has been sold to advertisers at a very good rate. His other responsibility is one that has a direct bearing on his primary responsibility. He plays a key role in approving content that will eventually show up on his channel.

He will be able to sell spots to advertisers only if he is able to convince them that people will be watching the content. He will make a choice on the content based on a few factors, customer demographics, past performance of the content providers, current market trends and most importantly his gut feeling.

The marketing manager of a TV channel has to meet hordes of people everyday. He will have a team under him who will have set sales targets that they need to achieve. Contracts that he enters into with content providers can be of different types, it could be for a few episodes or it could be for a few seasons.

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