What Is Something That Costs You No Money That Makes You Happy?


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Hey, it is my favorite, Blurtit and I am still happy.
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Michelle Phy
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Good for you :)
Diane Harrison
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Blessings from Jehovah! And He add no pain with it. Proverbs 10:22. Matthew 5:3 says happy are those conscious of their spiritual needs.
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Oh that is a hard question...(thinking) well the only thing that i can think of is friendship you do not have to buy anything for your friend you are just friends because you think each other are cool you both understand each other i hoped i helped you
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Going to my daughter's soccer games and my sons wrestling matches or any of their sporting events. My daughter is very good at soccer .  I cannot remember watching a game in which she was held scoreless.
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G'day Safarii,

Thank you for your question.



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Providing smile of a needy one and helping to forget there pain!!
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Children's presence and their smile makes me happy
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Warm sun on my face...a warm breeze.  Spring.  Summer.  Fall.  SNOW!  Laughing.  Reading.  Being with friends and family.  My horse.  My dog.
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Michelle Phy
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All the little things in life that most take for granted. Thats nice to see :)
Diane Harrison
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And all these things are made possible by our creator Jehovah God and He is worthy of our praise. Revelation4:11.

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