I Got My Net First Platinum Approval Card In The Mail Where Do I Put The Number To Activat It At?


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Unfortunately, the Net First Premium credit card scheme is little more than a scam, research suggests. Many users of the website have already fallen for the company's money-making trick, which forces customers to pay out a considerable sum of money as an unprecedented card activation fee. Even after paying this amount, however, customers are left stranded, often complaining that they don't receive the card they paid for and can't get in touch with the website's management for help or to issue a complaint.

Net First Platinum work this scam on their customers by offering them an unsecured credit card, which is sent via the mail. What users aren't told is that they are asked to send an activation fee of $29 to access their own account, even after receiving their original approval code.

Those who fall for the scam and pay the activation fee are then told they will receive their card in the post within a week or so. However, many past customers have complained that they did not receive their card within this time frame, and some not at all. There are some customers who claim that they did receive their card as told, but the scam affected them beyond this point when they were hit with a monthly fee of almost $25 and a processing fee of $5 with each purchase.

As well as this, because the Net First Platinum card is classed as a merchant card, it isn't widely accepted in-store or online. The card can only be used on a certain website, meaning customers are highly unlikely to get their money's worth from using it. With all this taken into account, it's highly recommended that you look to get a credit card elsewhere with a reliable supplier who won't rip you off in such a way.
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This is really starting to look like a scam... All it really takes is a simple answer. WHERE DO YOU INSERT THE APPROVAL NUMBER????? I'm tired of all the bull- going from one site to another...../
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I am having difficulty finding the correct site to go to
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I got my card in the mail where I put my approval number at?

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