How Do I Pay My Sear Card Bill Online?


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For the ease of accessing and the fact that it is so much quicker and simpler, the majority if not all store cards can now be paid off online. Paying off any amount on your Sears card is really quick and easy.
Firstly, make sure that you have enough funds in the bank account that you wish to use to pay off your card. Using the Internet, log onto the Sears card website and click the link entitled ‘Register Now’. This link will take you straight to the website
Enter your Sears card number and the last three digits that are printed on the signature strip on the back of your card. Type in your email address and ZIP code. There is also a discretionary option to enter a nickname for your account.
You will then be asked to select a security question and answer. This will be used if you need to reset your password. Pick the question that appeals to you the most or is relevant and make sure that you remember your answer. It is also case sensitive so remember if you put capital letters in your answer.
You will then need to validate your online account by entering your bank account’s name, your account number and the bank’s routing number. This is where you will have to wait as it can take up to six days for your account to be verified by the bank, so you will not be able to make a payment until then.
Once your account has been approved, log into your Sears account and select ‘Make a Payment’. If you make a payment from Monday to Friday before 5pm then the money will come out of your account the same day. If you make a payment at the weekend then you will have to wait until the next working day.
Remember though, your bank account will not automatically be charged every month to pay for your card. You must log onto the Sears card website every month yourself and pay it off.
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First you need to enroll for the online banking which the internet site can be found either on the credit card or your statement...
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With credit card
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Why can't there be a place that you click on PAY ONLINE and it takes you directly to your account or payment sight? This is a very confusing set up. What is the direct web address to make payments?
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Sear credit card is becoming very popular now a days. Here is a link from where you can pay the bills online. There is no charge to pay the bill securely online with the Online Bill Payment method. See the link below
bill payment

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