How Important Is It To Manage Change In An Organization?


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A major challenge facing management is the need to manage change in response to the changing environment. The changes may involve new technology, new methods of working and new ways of organizing.

Continued success of the organization depends upon changing with the environment but at all levels within the organization change is feared and resisted. The resistance is sometimes in an institutionalized form through the trade union movement.
This can take the form of recourse to law, strikes, a refusal to accept new work practices, working to rule or an insistence on previous manning levels.

In many other cases the resistance takes the form of individual non-cooperation. Low morale, a lethargic attitude to work and a high turnover of labour will result in low productivity. In the long run this individual form of resistance may prove more harmful than union action. The task for management is to understand why people resist change and to devise strategies to make change more acceptable in the workforce.

Change is resisted for a variety of reasons which might be economic, social and psychological reasons. These include fears about job losses, loss of earnings or reduced promotion prospects.Change at work might cause the break up of a work group and a change in social relationships with colleagues and superiors.

People fear the unfamiliar and are afraid that they will be unable to cope in the new situation. Moreover they fear loss of status and self esteem.
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As important it is for you to monitor your body's responses to a changed diet or medication. For if you don't monitor your responses to the new medication, and don't keep your doctor in the loop about them, the results can be very different from what both you and your doctor were hoping for!
Most organizations find themselves floundering within change if they haven't been able to manage it properly.
But that should first raise a question - what does it mean to "manage"?
Different things in different organizations really - for their context and content of change may be different - sometimes subtly, sometimes vastly different - from other organizations, even in the same domain. Be that as it may, "manage" broadly means:

 Are we clear on the reason, nature and direction of change?

 Do we know the why, what and how of what needs to be changed?
 Have we communicated it to our key stakeholders?

 Are they bought-in and on-board as far as the change goes? For if this is not in place, if even one of the key stakeholders is not completely on board with the change, cascade of it and therefore accepted implementation will be impaired.
 Do we have a plan on how it will be communicated and cascaded further to encompass every single person in the organization?
 Have we thought of the impact on people?

 Do we have a plan for how we will generate the buy-in around the perceived and actual negative aspects of the change?
Have we thought of the impact/reactions/responses of people?

 Do we have a response to response in place?
...and so on. The answer to how important is it to manage change will therefore emanate from the answers of these questions.
If an organization is clear on the reason of change, it will be clear on the impact if such change is not made. When this is communicated to everyone getting impacted by the change, the movement to acceptance becomes easier that without. Change arouses fear in people because they are not aware of why it's happening and how it's going to impact them. Especially if the impact is negative, resistance to change and sometimes complete rejection of it becomes enhanced.
Change not managed can go amok and prove completely disastrous for any organization. Change well managed can generate high energy, buy-in, excitement and passion in people. It then becomes people who carry the intent of change further and to it's realization.
From then on, to the next well-managed change - it's only time to learn and soar!
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Its one of the important things in an organization. But first of all you have to judge the nature of the change. As its human nature that we are resistant to change we hardly appreciate the change in our life unless and until it favours us. But from organization's point of view change management is one of the most difficult things to handle. Before bringing the change in your organization you have to consider few things in mind which are:

1. Structure of your organization
2. Employees behavior towards change
3. Benefits after change
First of all you have to judge your organization's structure that is it flexible or not if you bring change. Is your organization is of flexible one. If yes then you bring change. By brining the change in organization you need to modify the policies of your organization, Hierarchal structure will also be modified some down sizing will be done if change is big.
But if your organization is of traditional type nature which is rigid and resistant to change then you cannot bring change. If you do so you're whole organizational structure might collapse.

Secondly you have to judge the nature of your employees how much they welcome the change. How will they react after the change? So in order to understand their point of view conduct a small survey about the change you are going to bring. Take their point of view and according to their views formulate your strategy for bringing the change.
Last but not the least thing is the benefits that you will earn after the change. Judge those benefits considering your organizational structure and employee's behaviour and then go for the change.

Change management is very important if carried out properly. And organization do need change time to time in order to keep up their pace towards the changing technology and needs and demands of the external and internal environment. Its recommended to bring change step by step doesn't bring change all at once.
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The change in an organization is too much important such as blood is necessary in a human body. If an organization has the ability to manage the change because nowadays business trends are rapidly changing so changes are required. And which company has ability to handle the change in an organization that is successful, otherwise the business fall down towards shut down.
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Looking at the elements of the the travel industry which is always changing you can tell how important it is to manage changes in an organization. One of the key things to keep up with in changes is communicating changes to all involved and realizing exactly who is affected. Does everyone understand the changes made, why they were made, and how the change impacts their daily tasks? Will recurrent training be needed for changes? Can you customers be affected by your change? Do you have the staff to sustain any new standard operating procedures created by a change? All of these questions have to be answered and more! To give you an idea of how important it is to manage changes.
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It is important to manage change as every establishment is required to change to certain projects or any service contract. The ability to manage such change to a successful outcome is important to the projects success. Change conditions may fall into one of two catergories and these are:
• Off Specification Conditions – This may need more time, increased costs, and more resources in general which will require a managerial invention in order to approve shifts in time, budget or resource.
• A managed situation or an exception condition -  this is a serious change which will impact the entire integrity of the contract. This places the current situation into a state of temporary inactivity until the management agree on a correct course of action in extreme cases this could mean a termination of a contract.
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The importance is there for change in organizational to get more good result from the team and it just did with efficient changes in the managerial site which is some time useful or sometimes not.... it is my view.

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