Why is selecting computer hardware and software for an organization an important management decision?


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Choosing computer hardware and software within an organisation is of the utmost importance for a number of reasons.

Reliability: in order for the smooth running of a business, it is important that the computers you have in place are reliable- ie. They do not break easily, and last for a long time.

Ease of use: Software should not be too difficult to use, or highly specialised that only a couple of members of staff are able to use it because if these members of staff are away or leave the company, there will be nobody with the necessary knowledge if there are issues with the program.

Cost: The cost of computer equipment needs to be carefully budgeted for. If too little is spent, the equipment may break and need to be replaced shortly, too much, and the business may have expensive features they do not need, and if they need to rapidly expand and buy more equipment, they may not be able to afford to do so.

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It is very important to install quality software that will not fail and you do not have to constantly call a computer expert to fix it

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You are right! But I'm sure there isn't a technical problem that the Howly team can't handle. When I got my first Macbook in my life I had a hard time figuring out how it worked, since I had been using linux before that. But when I visited howly website and ordered a consultation from these specialists I did not regret that I made such a choice. I was very lucky with the consultant I got because he clearly explained the features and the work of the OS and following his competent instructions I quickly managed to understand everything.

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It's always important to choose something trustworthy and reliable otherwise you will simply lose your time and money...  And besides, please remember that you can always ask these guys from to test any software or something of the kind. Just write them.

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Well, ready-made software has some significant disadvantages. For example, such systems are designed to satisfy an average customer, and you can’t expect any individual functionality. Updates are limited, and you have to pay extra for new features. Check the Clockwise company website for more information.

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