What Is The Role Of Management In An Organization?


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A manager is an important member of an organisation. The manager will normally be responsible to the board of the company and all tasks placed upon the manager will be their responsibility. The tasks will be delegated to the staff below the manager. The manager will then review the progress of the staff and present the finished work to their superiors.
The manager will also be in charge of resources and the amount of money and time required to complete specific tasks. Tannenbaum and Schmidt stated that there are a number of different management styles. They suggested that the style of leadership is dependent upon the circumstances that prevail. An autocratic manager will make decisions across the board and will not consider the viewpoint of the employees, meaning that the employees will have to produce exactly what is asked of them in a specific timescale. A paternalistic manager is also one who is most interested in looking after the business, although the employee's interests will also be addressed.
Both of these styles share a disadvantage, that being the employees becoming dependent upon the leader of tasks. A democratic manager is a manager who will allow the employee to have a say in the decision making process. This is thought to improve quality of work and job satisfaction. Laissez-faire managers will leave the employees to make their own decisions and while this style could be successful in a creative business it is generally thought that this is a poor style of management.
MBWA (management by walking around) is the final style of management. That is exactly what this style involves. The manager will see first hand how well the employees are doing and become aware of any problems quicker than managers with other styles.
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Management is a very important part of an organization. It's main role is to unite people together in order to accomplish achievable goals. Management mobilize or allocate resources to different department like Human resource, Finance, IT department etc and organize these resources in such a way that organizational strategic goals are accomplished easily in the long run. Management also takes vital part in planning, organizing, leading and controlling. In short, it takes part in each and every step of the organization. It gives direction, aligns and achieve organization goals with available resources.
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Management is basically getting people together in order to accomplish desired goals. Management is a very important function of organizations. It helps in mobilizing the resources, whether they be Human, financial or material and organizing them such that organizational strategic goals are accomplished in the long run. It constitutes of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. So at each and every step, management plays a vital role.  It gives a direction to the organization and them mobilizes people and resources to go in that direction.
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Since  management is z soul of org its role is un limited
1 it act as a figure head
2 responsible 4 over aspects of z org like
  a profitability
  b over all expenditure
  c T and D
  d selection,recruitment,...
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An organisation has the ingredients to make something
but without management the organisation
can't able to do this. Anything done in an organisation management make it happens. Thank you.

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Relation b/w ob and other object

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