How Organizations Compete Against Each Other?


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Businesses since the beginning of time have competed against each other. On the basis of competition, various types of market exist for nearly all lines of products and services. We already know that absolute monopoly and perfect competition type of markets are not that pervasive, yet businesses try to avoid perfect competition and strive to go for absolute monopoly so they can enjoy no competition and exploit the customer sentiments for buying. We can identify the following common and widespread ways in which organizations can compete against other organizations.
1. Price: In our day to day routine observations, we often see that a lower price would attract more customers provided the product or service fulfils its intended use. Lower price helps an organization to increase its customer base.
2. Quality: is an important dimension by which superior raw materials as well as high skill man ship would ensure that product manufactured or service developed is offered to the customer with something extra and that something extra is nothing else but Quality. Quality is always offered free of cost, we will discuss this when we study in details Quality Management and Total Quality Management.
3. Product: Differentiation refers to special features that make the product or service look more suitable to the customers like an automobile manufacturer decides to provide GPS system to selected customer at an additional price etc.
4. Flexibility: is the ability to respond to changes. It may refer to changes in target sales, product feature like adding GPS device to all automobiles
5. Time: refers to the period required to provide a product or service to a customer from the moment the order is booked to the delivery, also time required to rectify a shortcoming or mistake.
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Competition or race is present among traders since Trade came into existence. Inventions of electronic media gave new ways to competition. Following are some methods through which organizations compete...

Print Media: Organizations extensively uses print media to compete. Sellers do advertisement through newspaper; they publish and distribute brochures. Some well established firms also distribute their own magazines published on monthly or yearly basis.

Electronic Media: Includes Internet, websites; Email etc. sellers frequently publish their information on internet. They send Marketing Emails to customers. They register their own website that highlights sellers' products and services; they try to make their website attractive and up-to-date. One best method of spreading their website is that they put it with some famous search engine. In the same way Google search engine has given a new way to website competition.

Organizations also publish an Ad or a link to their website onto some other website. They pay a nominal fee for this.

Telemarketing: Salesmen make telephone calls to potential customers to tell them about their products.

Marketing staff is hired who personally visit the potential customers and create a clear image. They conduct workshops, seminars, also present gift items to customers.

Some other Methods: stealing information's from other company's database, hiring staff by paying more, copy others products with a little change.

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