What Are The Main Models And Methods For Managing Change Effectively, And Their Strengths And Weaknesses?


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Changing human behavior is one of the most difficult undertakings anyone can take on. People once they hit adult status have a tendency to be resistant to change, even if those behaviors are self-destructive.

Perhaps one of the best known change models for people with addictive behavior is the 12-step program employed by the Betty Ford Clinic and many others around the world. It has successfully treated thousands of people over the past several decades. Some of the pros of this model are group support which helps people come to grips with their addiction, and it is also a cheap way to change behavior. Some of the cons to this approach are that is requires some kind of religious belief, which leaves out a large segment of the population. 

One of the most difficult things to change is the way people do business. People tend to become accustomed to doing certain things in certain ways, and in today's business world this can lead to disaster. New techniques and technology are necessary for a company to compete in today's dynamic business world and one of the best ways to adapt new technology and better methods is called the slow immersion technique.

In this method, people are allowed to do their jobs in the old way, while new ways are also adapted one at a time on a gradual basis. Over a period of time, people will gradually begin to see the advantage these new techniques have to help them do their jobs more efficiently and slowly adapting new ways will help to alleviate stress people feel when asked to do something different. The drawback to this method is that it takes more time and has the potential to slow down production. But it has also been shown to be one of the most effective ways to introduce new methods.

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