How To Handle Organizational Change When Employees Do Not Want To?


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Change is an integral part of the business world. However employees may not always take to change. The first thing to remember when dealing with this is to think first about ways in which the aims of the business can be aligned with the needs - the total life needs - of their employees.

Employees will never accept change that is designed to fill the pockets of greedy directors and give fat dividends of shareholders. Why indeed should they accept change that is designed to profit more fortunate, more successful people? This is why many employees will not easily digest change.

Never compromise your integrity. Remember to consult your employees and listen to what they have to say. There are a few things you can try to get your employees to adjust. Firstly, give them a pep talk - incorporate how much you appreciate them adjusting, how well they have worked and do your best to minimise the degree of changes they may have to make. Also try to increase their salaries to sweeten the bitterness of change.

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