Can You Give Me A Business Example Of Product Concept And Prototype?


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Suppose, the product we developed in our R&D department after thorough idea generation and qualifying process is a hand held wireless multi-functioned communication device. Presently we are in the last quarter of 1997 and we hope our prototype will pass through testing phase successfully in two to three next business quarters. After concept and product testing phase we will enter into the test marketing and commercialization phases of marketing.

Product, the proposed name of our innovation will be a new addition in the world of business, electronics and telecommunication hopefully. Product, other than regular mobile telephone function, simultaneously supports various additional functions like web surfing/browsing, internet based fax, text messaging and e-mailing.

Product works on the wireless data networks of cellular phone service providers and an ordinary mobile phone user will be able to utilise its entire functions by simply buying and switching on it. Originally Product devices have monochrome displays but soon after successful launch of this model we plan to market next models with color displays.

In addition to Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) functions, Product has its own built in 'thumb-enabled' keyboard for easy operation and use. Our Product is also able to send emails, messages and data to the users using other devices. It also has an ability to send and receive emails to and from computers of any user types. We have also added a track wheel to scroll and click while using. Our aim is that cell phone users should not depend on traditional mobile phone devices for communication.
This is how product concept and prototypes are defined in terms of business.

Technical Features of Our Product:
Present Product model 950, uses Intel process 80386 and 16MB RAM in it. Technically Product offers multi task system that enables it to perform various functions as single function and doesn't compromise on speed and quality. One can send digitally secure messages by using Product too.

Up to our enthusiastic plans and expectations, this device will be very popular in all mobile phone users and specifically among business users. For this purpose we intend to do a complete concept and product testing plan

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