Can You Summarize Your Personality In Few Lines?


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Liz LeClerc answered
My name, birthrate, and social security number gives everyone a chance to know everything about me; but, I'm not allowed that info without a lot paperwork. :)

Personality has nothing to do with physical attributes, job, family; although, these do contribute to the whole of personality!

I am creative, charming, loving, inquisitive, mature thinking, spiritual, kind, hard-working, and enjoy meeting people.
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tariq mahmood answered
Well yes off course you can summarize your personality in few lines. Like first you can give brief information about your build weather you are muscular, thin or chubby. What kind of a person you are.
Then you can talk about your likes and dislikes. I would like to provide a sketch of how can you explain your personality as below.
I am an energetic muscular looking person, I feel easy in jeans and t-shirts. I am crazy about perfumes. I am very fond of reading, knowing about international affairs, current affairs, etc.
I like to be with friends. I want to see myself working for the betterment of humanity and for the welfare of my motherland. I am a very idealistic person and believe in my faith a lot. I think life is too short so we should enjoy each and every moment of it. I believe in "live and let others live".
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I'm easy to get along with, compassionate, generous and funny,
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suman kumar answered
Yes, I can, Straight forward, taking up ups & downs in life as challenges, like to be more down to earth, never forget my roots whichever position I am in

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